Monday, 25 January 2016


A soul originates from Divine energy. After crossing many stages, it likes to take birth on one of the planet. We selected mother EARTH now. We were taking birth from many life times here and we continue the same on different planets in God's creation. 

If you are thinking is soul there? Let me narrate my experience. I am a biology teacher. I teach my std 12 children about origin of life. We discuss an experiment called miller - urey experiment.

In the above experiment scientists successfully created the organic molecules which combined and formed life on primitive earth. My students ask me "can we also create life in the lab?" What do you think, is it possible to create life? If you read the above sentence you will understand. Scientists successfully created the organic molecules, BUT NOT LIFE. Even though you mix all the molecules, they can not come to life. The LIFE FORCE/SOUL/DIVINE POWER etc., is missing. 

So I conclude by saying SOUL TOOK THIS BODY TO SURVIVE ON THIS PLANET. Then what about reincarnation? We don't remember what happened yesterday? How can we remember our past lives? Why do we forget? 

Just before beginning of our journey, we sign on a SOUL CONTRACT. Then only we will be permitted to take birth on this planet. When WE SIGN, WE FORGET every thing. We will enter into matrix/a veil/maya. So as to understand about matrix, contract etc., watch the three parts of the movie MATRIX.

As long as the matrix exist around the earth, it will be a debate whether past incarnations are there or not. So it is up to you whether you believe or not. 

Why did we come here?

What is the purpose of this life? There will be certain signs in your life that guides you to identify your purpose. You need to observe and follow. If you were able to identify and complete the purpose, well and good. or else you will be caught in reincarnation cycle, karmic cycle etc.,

One more point. Who created soul contract? Who will make us sign? What way they will be benefited?

Answers in the next post

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