Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Yes, the heading is apt. We are not educated the way we are to be. We are being brainwashed over 2000 years. It's time to BREAK the CHAINS. 

Right from the birth you will be taught 

  • you belong to this caste, religion, nation etc., [divide and rule policy]
  • Basing on gender how you have to behave, But never we were taught how to be humane.
  • Check the toys that were given. Ex: Gun..... they will be pretending that they were fighting to win and finally they continue it in their later part of life. Why don't the system teach co-operate and win instead of compete and win?
  • We ask the children what do you want to become? Answer will be all routine money making professions [as long as money exists, we need it. But it should be according to need, not according to greed] We will be training in such a way that they become machines of earning money. [We teach it by giving them the childhood game BUSINESS/BANK which installs 'you need to earn more money']
  • Another irritating medium was TV. It controls humans through subliminal technology. 

  • Our education system ignores the natural, creative capabilities of a child

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Finally we are paying  lot of money to fit into this brain washing education system


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