Friday, 30 November 2018


What is shown to us through media is 
Casomorphin is one of the opioid component formed in stomach of human, when they consume milk. It's more addictive than morphin. So humans end up in not able to come out of this milk addiction. Recent research have shown a case of breast-fed infant with recurrent apnea [a baby stops breathing] episodes, which have always been preceded by his mother's consumption of fresh cow's milk. 
Lab tests revealed a high level of casomorphin in infant's blood. It has shown an impact on respiratory center of the central nervous system of the infant. The suggestion given to overcome this problem is the breast milk of a mother eating plant based diet. These casomorphins are also accused of participating in other conditions like type 1 diabetes, postpartum psychosis, circulatory disorders, autism etc., 
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Let us see some more mind blowing facts about milk

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Come out of this casomorphin addiction. It's in your perception. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


A deep respect shown to a deity. India is celebrating Navaratri by worshipping Goddess Durga. 

Do they really worship Goddess?

They worship IDOLS not Goddess. Indians worship many deities [IDOLS of deities]  by celebrating different festivals. Now they are worshipping Idol of Durga. In Hindu culture for initiating child's education, they worship Goddess Saraswati Idol. They worship Goddess Lakshmi idol every day for their prosperity.  In India At different stages of life, many different idols of Goddesses are worshipped like Mother Mary, Sita, Adi Shakthi, Kali, Radha etc., 

Where Women are honoured, divinity blossoms there, and where ever women are dishonoured, all action no matter how noble it may be, remains unfruitful. 

Are the women in India honoured?

Are the women considered as divine beings? A big question. 

India stands 5th in the world regarding crime rate against women according to 2017 statistics. A women is being raped after every 20 minutes. New Delhi has the highest reported cases. 90% of rapes go unreported in India. Shocking scenario is majority of the offenders are known to the victims. 
These statistics specify that a female can not even trust male around her. There is no honour for the living Goddess. They offer puja to the idol and they don't worship any Goddess. There is no deep respect for the living Goddess whom they see around. Suppression, disrespect starts right from the birth of the female. She needs to cater to the needs of people around her. But no one bothers about her needs, happiness, respect etc., 
Society objects freedom for female in every stage of her life in many forms. 
Latest revelations in India

India needs transformation

Real worship of living Goddess is needed, not idols worship. Respect Divine Feminine energies. Feminine energies Sovereignty is needed. All these can be taught at least to the next generation by living it simply not by false worship of deity. 

Then comes true navaratri. That is the way to worship the GODDESS. That's the true meaning of worship. 


Saturday, 29 September 2018


Many times we experience it. We feel others are suppressing us and we feel that never we did the same. 

Who is suppressed? 

Every stage of our life, we experience it through various people. Parents, Blood line Family members, Education system, Society etc., 

The worst suppression will be faced by female in many forms like gender based, clothing, religious suppression etc., 

A fresh blow to such type of religious suppression regarding females

Who is the suppressor?

Patriarchal society [power resides with men] suppress the feminine energies. 
Deep rooted, this society knows that expression of feminine is the divine truth. If this manifests, then Patriarchal society looses its control. Matriarchal society[power resides with women, especially mother] reemerges.  
(Thank you Gunwant for this wonderful image sharing)

All primitive cultures that flourished very well on the earth are Matriarchal societies. 
Largest surviving matrilineal culture in the world is Khasi of Meghalaya, India.

What is actually suppressed

Women and Men are equally suppressed in many forms. What is actually suppressed is feminine energies of every human being. Compassion which is a feminine quality is suppressed in all humans. Let the heart of men be open for igniting flame of love and life. It makes men to surrender to the feminine aspect of their own self. As a result, Divine feminine energies will raise and gives scope for the evolution of Matriarchal society which brings an end to all the atrocities on the Earth. 

Let us give scope to the rise of the feminine principle on the Earth to heal it. 

Let the Feminine energies be expressed.
Let the Female be expressive.
Let the Goddess energies be expressed on this planet to bring back harmony for all beings. 

I dedicate this post to all men who provide comfortable space for the Feminine expression. 

Monday, 10 September 2018


Cow is the abode of all the Gods according to Hindu scriptures. 
According to Vedic literature, all the demigods and demigoddess reside in every atom of the Cow's body. The name of the Cow in vedas is aghnya, which means inviolable. Another name is ahi [which means not to be killed] and another name is aditi [which means never to be cut into pieces]. The same is reiterated in Garuda purana, Itihaasas, upanishads etc., 

Do Hindus really worship Cow?

India leads the world in terms of Hindu population, with its hindus representing 94.3% of those found worldwide. So Cow should be worshiped in proper way in India. Let us see the facts. Cows are the basis for Dairy industry. India is the highest milk producer in the entire globe. That means highest number of Cows are used in Indian dairy industry. 

What exactly happens to cows in dairy industry?

Cows will be injected with antibiotics and hormones to overweight and yield high amount of milk. Like humans, cows produce milk after giving birth to calf. Both have same gestation period of 9 months.
On average a cow produces 8 calves naturally in her life time. But in dairy industries, cow will be made to deliver 20+ calves forcefully by injecting hormones, semen [artificial insemination] etc., which is highly unethical. 
When Cows are not useful for milk production, they will be sent to slaughter house for beef production. In a shocking statistics, India ranks number one in beef production. 
The next step to dairy industry is beef industry. An anti-cow slaughter agitation started in 1966, which was suppressed by the government during that time. So in India is cow really worshiped? 


A common myth is if you stop consuming dairy products, then it  leads to deficiency of nutrients. A balanced diet that contains whole grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables etc., ensures that you provide your body with the best nutrition possible. 

Calcium deficiency is another belief. There are many calcium sources like rice, soy, okra, beans, almond etc.,

Another belief is protein deficiency is common when you follow vegetarian/vegan diet. To the surprise of meat eaters, protein is found in all types of food. Our body needs to take protein everyday, as it doesn't have the capacity to keep it as a reserve. In turn if excess protein is taken every day creates a problem to kidneys, due to excessive deamination. 

However, Vitamin B12 is the exception. This is present in soil, which is taken up by plants and animals. Although in the past plants were a good source of it, as traces of soil on these offered a source of it, modern practice of thorough washing of the vegetables removed this opportunity. The best option to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency is, to take a daily supplement. 

Vegan World:

Celebrities inspire many people in many aspects. There are many celebrities who are vegans. Sadaa, Aamir Khan, Sonam kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez etc., 

I dedicate this post to my friend, who inspired me to become a vegan and pen down this article. I thank my vegan student too, whose conversation is always way ahead and motivates my work. 

Let's start real worship of GOMATHA
Victory of the Light

Saturday, 8 September 2018


Very often we hear this word among spiritual communities. Let us see what it is?
 Light is nothing less than Life itself. It is the force of reclamation guided by the power of creation. 

A person who devotes their life to bring this Light in its entirety and information to themselves and others is a Light worker. Light workers [LW] are attuned to the call of Source/Paramathma. The higher wisdom/information comes through them either consciously or in the form of codes. They identify that they are not here to study, earn, marry etc., and they are on the Earth to do something else. The thirst will always make them to search, work and to know more of their life purpose. As they align themselves with their life purpose, they heal, they bless, they guide many and they make every situation easier. They hold more Light and they attract many.  


As they designed their life as Light worker, they face lot of challenges from all corners. Criticism, Sarcasm, lack of help from bloodline family members. LW has to meet the expectations of the society and they shouldn't depend on it, as they are super natural according to its understanding. Society can be rude to them, but LW should be compassionate. 

Another entirely different challenge comes from the dark. [On this planet there are 2 types of energies. Light and dark. Light comes from the Source. It has high vibration and is full of Love. Dark is denser, manipulative, low vibration and fear based]. It's not easy to understand and solve these challenges. Many traps, Obstacles in the path, Can not complete the work easily, misunderstandings, health attacks, attacks on family members, financial issues and the list goes on. Some times challenges from fellow Light workers will also be there. This is due to the veil, implants, archons etc., Dark uses them to pollute the Light work. The worst scenario is many Light workers lost their life due to brutal attacks by the dark. 

Even then, Light Workers hold the beautiful Light to shine Mother Earth. 

 It's a real challenge to lead life as a LW rather than as a common man. 

Victory of the Light
Victory of the Light Worker
Victory of the Mother Earth

Friday, 10 August 2018

ONLY 20, NOT EVEN 20-20

What is this 20? It's not 20-20 cricket match 😃. Spend 20 minutes of your life today to see the change in the world about which we speak many times, but not act. IT'S TIME TO ACT. 

Participate in KEY TO FREEDOM MEDITATION on 11th August, Saturday, 2:40 pm to 3:00 pm. 

If you know/like/love Meditation, then follow the guided meditation procedure provided in this link. 

If you feel Meditation is not your cup of tea, then sit comfortably, close your eyes and think about what you love. Radiate Love from you into the surroundings. Bring the change that we always love to see 
Healing to all, Love to all, Light to all
Victory of the Light

Friday, 3 August 2018


Am I talking about freedom for India from Britishers? No, not at all. As humanity, do we have freedom? Let us see, what do we have really, FREEDOM/SLAVERY.

Right from birth, if we try to figure out our life, we experience various layers of control. 
For more details:

Whether you will take natural or cesarean Birth, will be decided by many people like doctors, astrologers, family members etc., [less number of exceptions are there]
For more details:

As you grow up many patterns of parental control, society control, education system control enter your life. 
For more details about education system control:

You will be told, how you have to live and how not to. You are a girl or boy, doesn't matter, you are controlled or you are a slave [If question of comparison comes between male and female, Obviously Female is under more control than male] 

Media control give a grand entry into your life, as you are introduced to technology, social networking sites etc., in your life.

As you grow up, society makes you believe that money is every thing for you and you start living for it. You end up in financial slavery. 
For more details of how money control works:

By this age, you are not in a position to listen that you are under control. In short you are a slave. If you feel yes for at least one of the control, then you have to seriously think about your freedom. You are free to choose. 
You may wonder now by thinking, how do I get freedom. You may go through this article to know about certain kind of how to get freedom?

You have the POWER and KEY within you to choose and enjoy FREEDOM. 


To achieve freedom for all, PARTICIPATE IN KEY TO FREEDOM MEDITATION. We are doing this meditation on 11th AUGUST, SATURDAY afternoon from 2:41 pm to 3:00 pm [IST] during partial solar eclipse.  For guided meditation audios, visit