Monday, 11 January 2016


Our planet revolves around money instead of Sun. What is this money? Who created it? What is the purpose of this creation? Why does financial slavery existing? I used to search answers for these questions. While searching I came across some interesting, mind blowing facts. 

I used to think why not RBI [Reserve Bank of India] print more money according to the need of citizens? Why not Indian government order RBI to print more money? 

I learned the fact that RBI is not controlled by Indian government. It is controlled by federal bank of USA. Then I thought government of USA is controlling financial system of world. But I came to know that FEDERAL BANK IS A PRIVATE BANK owned by ROTHSCHILD.

It is foolish to think that State Bank of India is controlled by Indian government, Andhra bank is controlled by AndhraPradesh etc., by seeing the full form of the bank name. 

Then I came to know that world's financial position is controlled by rothschild. Who are they? From how many generations they are controlling us?

You will be shocked to know

All these 8 white families made us like this

To whom? Don't know. Don't be shocked by thinking how to pay this debt :) Many light forces are working to give financial freedom to the planet. 

Wondering who are light forces? Watch STAR WARS movie series or google. 

I thought of giving much more info on this topic. But this is never ending. I want to bring out much more disclosures. So I am not elaborating it. 

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  1. Mam its just ossam!!!
    I was totally surprised and I dint even know who is dat Rothschild..
    Bery much interesting...
    Manasa Ayyala.

  2. You said 13 members but you posted only 8?
    Where are the others? When we will get freedom .

  3. You said 13 members but you posted only 8?
    Where are the others? When we will get freedom .

    1. not 13 members, 13 blood line families,
      - The Astor Bloodline, The Bundy Bloodline, The Collins Bloodline, The DuPont Bloodline, The Freeman Bloodline, The Kennedy Bloodline, The Li Bloodline, The Onassis Bloodline, The Reynolds Bloodline, The Rockefeller Bloodline, The Rothschild Bloodline, The Russell Bloodline, The Van Duyn Bloodline

      We will get freedom for sure. The time depends on many factors. Being surface population, what we need to do is AWAKENING OF 144000 HUMANS, they should have powerful intention of FREEDOM

  4. Is it true that the RBI is controlled by federal bank of USA. It is a strange matter to me. then why the Govt of India obey this. is RBI/FBU provide any fund to Govt. of India?