Wednesday, 3 February 2016


A long gap

I have come up with an INTERESTING, URGENT ACTION which all of us need to take. All of you were familiar with my previous post LIFE DOESN'T EXIST ON OTHER PLANETS.

Its time to take action to make the government come with truth.

Let us sign the petition by which we are going to make an important political game changer PUTIN to take action soon. Don't think "will they work?". Unless until you take an action, how will you know whether it works or not.


Petition is about demanding the government to tell us the truth regarding EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE, Disclosure of many free energy technologies to humanity, Disclosure of secret space programs [Government is spending our money to conduct many secret space programs. They never reveal any thing to you] etc., openly. We need 25000 signatures, so that it will be forwarded to Mr. Putin. What you need to sign is an e mail id of yours. 

Why did we selected Mr. Putin?

What benefits we do get if we sign?

As truth is revealed many free energy technologies will be released to humans. So we will come out of  FINANCIAL SLAVERY etc., It brings freedom in many aspects of our life. Those who trust presence of life in other planets can meet the ET's [It is called as FIRST CONTACT]. After that you can't even imagine also about the miraculous life humanity is going to lead about. 


It is in your hands whether to sign or not. Nothing you lose if you sign. Hope you gain everything if you sign. 

Let us do it. Here is the link

After you sign, please do share also.


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