Sunday, 14 February 2016


What is soul contract?

We were forced to make a soul contract with the archons. 

Read to know about archons

They implant us and prevent us from remembering any thing.

It is done in different layers. Implants are one of the cause of our BELIEF system. One layer of implants will be received before every birth. This is one of the reason that we forget our past lives. Another layer through our parents, another through kinder gardens & schools, it continues in the later part of our education. For example Science is infiltrated with errors intentionally. According to relativity theory the speed of the light is the highest possible. Superluminal velocity [which is faster than light] at which spacecrafts function, is therefore apparently not possible. Another layer is incorporated through media, religion, organisations etc., This layer makes us consider everything related to UFO's is crazy. 

What way the archons are benefitted?

They are trying to control us from 25k years onwards. It is not easy to explain all those things here. To completely cover the history and reasons is beyond the subject of this article. I suggest those who wish to find out more, look up to the following websites.

What can we do to undo this type of unwanted soul contract?

First try to understand the big picture behind this game played by archons with us. Then the ways open up for you to come out of this maze. If you feel guided to go further deep into, go through the following link where you will find a method to end the contract system at the end of the page. 

Love and Light to ALL

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