Saturday, 27 February 2016


What is religion?
Many definitions are available. One among them is 'The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal GOD or GODS'. What we don't want to know is God doesn't control our lives. God has given us FREE WILL. 

 We ourselves control our lives with our thoughts.

Who created religion? 

Is he telling us to be divided by religion? Is he asking us to fight over that?

 Who is GOD and how can we reach him?

GOD is omnipresent consciousness/energy. He can not be limited by the boundaries of idol. You, me, everything else is GOD. He has no religion.

When I speak all these things and don't do idol worship, people think that I don't believe in the concept of GOD. For me, worshiping GOD is different from worshiping IDOL. God can be reached by the silent voice coming from the heart not from mind. You need to calm up mind. The only technique to calm up mind is MEDITATION. Through MEDITATION ONLY ONE CAN REACH GOD. 


I believe

How to intensify your relationship with GOD is "KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD"

Much more blessings from GOD above, GOD within


  1. I agree with your views and I am impressed by your beautiful narration.

  2. Thank you mavayya. All your words encourage me to write more :)