Friday, 4 March 2016


What is a chemtrail?

A visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and consists of chemical or biological agents released as part of cover operation.

What is the impact?

They damage heart, brain, lungs etc.,

Where are they seen mostly? 

United states, Canada, United kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Haiti etc.,

Who is behind this?

Your own government [ILLUMINATI] is behind this to control the people. Pilots who are being used in these operations are coming forward to reveal the TRUTH.


and USA is the main culprit. USA sends its flights to spread chemtrails in other countries too. One of its flight was FORCED DOWN by INDIAN AIR FORCE AUTHORITIES.

I heard from Indians, who are residing in USA speaking that there will be no pollution in USA etc., and then I understood they are not aware of chemtrails, which poses more SERIOUS THREAT THAN NORMAL POLLUTION. Apart from this most of my dear Indians residing in USA doesn't know or doesn't want to know about these facts.

Many of my students also speak about going to foreign countries and make living there. I want them to know about the above facts. By seeing the article, don't decide that I don't like other countries and their citizens. I love dear mother earth and I feel proud to say I AM A HUMANITARIAN [not speaking about nationality etc.,]. I love ALL. 

What I want is 

Love and Light

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