Sunday, 13 March 2016


What are they?

Am I referring to dental, cochlear or any other physical body concerning implants. No, not at all. I am referring to implants at other body levels. We have many bodies apart from this physical body.The names of those bodies are given in the following picture. 

Implants will be placed in physical, etheric bodies etc by dark forces., before our birth and during the life time also. IMPLANTS PLAY A GAME WITH US CALLED MIND CONTROL. Then we will be seeing many levels of the game i.e., misunderstanding, blaming others for our reality, fear, addictions, subservient nature etc., We want to see a change in the society, but we don't want to be a part of bringing change because of fear implants. 

Time has come to change yourself. 

How to dissolve these implants?

Awareness is the first step. When you understand the different levels of the mind control game, then you can step out of that game level properly. Be in present moment. Connect and ground yourself with mother EARTH. 

If you use your imagination mentioned in the following video, you can dissolve implants to a certain level. 

Follow the method for implant removal and be successful


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