Friday, 12 January 2018


A routine meaning, people or things seems appealing.
Here I am discussing about another type of glamour. Some times emotional or mental illusions are known as glamour. 

How to dissipate emotional or mental illusions/glamour?

There are many types of glamour. I will discuss few here and you can add your own. 


Humans crave for recognition/identity/appreciation, as they feel insecure or inferior at deeper levels. For recognition they take the help of sympathy, by talking about their health issues/relation issues or sharing life/meditation experiences etc.,

How to come out of it?

There is no need of others attention. You are not less or not more, all are unique. Identity crisis need salvation. Don't discuss about problem with every one. Taking guidance from others is different from seeking attention/recognition. DON'T FORGET THAT CHALLENGE AND SOLUTION ARE CREATED AT THE SAME TIME. 


Many times we feel, we are perfect and other are not. When our imperfection is shown to us, we feel irritated. It even hurts the ego of this personality [Ego is of 2 types, one which we use always is about this personality. The other is ego of the self/higher self]

How to come out of it?

We need to accept our imperfection and heal that hurt feeling. Remember all of us are learners here and no one is expert in every thing. As you understand this, there is no irritation, when you see other's imperfection. Therefore we stop complaining/judging others. 


 We always want connection with other people/things that are outside us. In this craving, we do things which we don't want to. We continue our relation with non resonating people/things. We suppress our emotion and try to satisfy the relation, fearing that we may lose it. We need to question ourselves that are these relations permanent? are we bothered about permanent/temporary?

How to come out of it?

A truly meaningless relation doesn't continue, what ever your craving is. When this is clear to you, your truthful search for permanent relation starts. YOUR INNER SELF/HIGHER SELF IS THE ONE WITH WHICH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONNECTED. When you experience this connection, you will come out of this glamour. 

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  1. Well said about the spirit of human connection in our digital age. Especially since we're not pausing long enough in our busy lives to have deep meaningful conversations. And only after connecting within ourselves deeply can we begin to understand our connection with others.