Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Command PB Stardust

A Protocol to relieve you from pain, suffering and many more. 
A newest technique released. Don't think about whether it works or not. Don't think about who released it. Don't hesitate to use it. Give a try. We as humans, have a tendency to try new things, methods, techniques etc., 

What you need to do?

The Pleiadians would like to help humanity regarding pain and suffering. So they developed a protocol. You can repeat the protocol 3 times either loudly or in your mind. 
Protocol: Command PB Stardust
The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to access your central nervous system to ease your pain. For chronic pain, this protocol has proven to be 80% effective. Still this protocol is in a testing stage. 
You need to understand that this does not heal the cause of the pain, it just adjusts the central nervous system, there by decreases the pain. This protocol is NOT a substitute for medical intervention by conventional and or alternative medicine.


Pleiadians need your feedback to develop this protocol and many other protocols further. Share your feed back in the comment box of this blog or in the comment box of the following blog also. 

On a lighter note

Victory of the Light

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