Sunday, 19 February 2017


It's time to do our own part regarding setting up golden era on Earth. Surface population, spiritual organisations etc., of the world are requested to participate in meditation during the solar eclipse on 26th February. Scientific studies have confirmed the positive effect of group meditations.

Necessity of meditation:

The master key for the energy grid around the planet lies in Lake Kivu in Congo, Africa. There used to be powerful light presence previously. But in 1996, Congo vortex was used for archon invasion, which destroyed the FEMININE ENERGY. 


Effect of this meditation:

The Light energy released during this meditation will be used to strengthen the light grid around the Earth planet to speed up the process of ascension [Humans clearing, healing and evolving their energies into a higher form... ascending to a higher vibrational level]. Our meditation will heal this vortex and seal the rift in planetary energy field. 

Time for meditation:

26th February, Sunday, 8:25pm [IST] 

Meditation procedure:

  • Observe your breath and come to a relaxed state of consciousness. 
  • State your intent to use this meditation to speed up the process of ascension of mother earth and its beings. 
  • Visualise a pillar of light emanating from the Galactic central sun and going through all beings of light in the solar system, finally entering into the centre of earth through your body. 
Galactic central sun

  • Visualise another pillar of light coming from the centre of the earth, extending to all beings of light in the galaxy, passing through your body. 
  • You are now sitting in two pillars of light. Keep these pillars active for few minutes. 
  • Visualise a violet flame healing the congo vortex in etheric, astral and plasma planes. 

  • Then visualise this violet flame extending whole of Africa and our Planet. 
  • Visualise a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all congolese especially women. 

  • Then visualise this soft pink healing divine feminine energy extending whole of Africa and our Planet. 

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

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