Tuesday, 20 December 2016


An idea about writing this article came to me, when I watched a telugu movie 'Dhruva' recently. Heard about different type of chips. What is this biochip? sounds interesting. A microchip designed or intended to function in a biological environment, especially inside a living organism. How does it look like?

How is it injected into the human body?

How does it work?

Is it beneficial or not? As every coin has two sides, even this biochip aspect also has both sides. 

There is no question of personal privacy. You will be tracked where ever you go by using RFID [Radio frequency identification] technology. What ever you think, will be monitored as these biochips are connected to your optical and auditory cortex of the brain. Don't think that it is not injected into your body. It is injected into every humans body through vaccination under the guidance of WHO after WWII and regularly upgraded. Please visit the link below for more details.


Truth about biochips:

Biochip technology was developed after world war 2. You will be shocked to know how actually this is used. Tracks you 24/7, speeds up ageing process, non-physical brainwashing, affects spiritual practice and so on. Please go through the link below


The company involved in developing this technology



After knowing about the facts, if you don't want to get vaccinated, then this is what happens to you [thankfully not in India]

Isn't it scary? This post is only to educate you. You are under control always. When we understand this, we will know how to protect ourselves from unwanted emotional triggers that are provoked by biochips. Enhance your awareness during those emotional triggers. Immediately leave the emotion there itself. Protect yourself by doing simple visualisation.


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