Monday, 24 October 2016


Attachment to a particular substance or activity 

Many types of addictions are observed among humans. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, video games, internet, shopping...... list goes on. These type of addictions damage a person or else his/her family.

There are certain addictions, which you cannot identify or accept easily them as addictions. Emotional addiction is one among them. It may be addiction related to anger, frustration or better emotional addictions like bliss, optimism etc., 

When you are addicted to certain things, you believe that you cannot have well being with out it. First, you have to come out of these beliefs. 

To do so, you have to detach yourself with that emotion. Identify that you are not those feelings. They are experiences that enter and leave your awareness, but they are not you. Second, when you become aware during the moment of anger or frustration [identify it as emotional addiction] and react in a different way than the past, you will manifest changes in the neural network of your brain.

 It gives different results regarding thoughts, body response, feelings. It not only creates life of your preference but also healthy body which is tuned with your better emotions. 


Victory of Light

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