Saturday, 24 September 2016


Most of us show curiosity in knowing the secrets. I will be revealing one of the biggest program today that is operating on the earth from many decades. Hope this secret will increase your curiosity towards space and space beings with a different understanding.

We were made to believe that life doesn't exist on other planets. We weren't informed that life of other planets are interacting with us from a very long period. Recently whistle blowers started revealing this information through various social networking outlets to humanity. One of the famous whistle blower is corey goode
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There are many groups of secret space programs. 
Solar warden is the most aging fleet. 

Do you ever wonder why this information is kept as a secret? 

These were very expensive to build and to maintain even if you own a money printing press...which they do own.   Funds for these programs are collected from us only; in the form of overpricing policy,  increasing taxes, drug mafia, liquor mafia etc.,  It is a common knowledge [If you are not aware of this knowledge, please wake up] that while the government publicly has a "war on drugs, liquor" they are actually the ones dealing these. [The author of this blog is not pointing at any particular government].

Main bases for these programs are area 51 [very famous place], S4 dream land, long island, 900 underground bases run by USA etc.,
entrance of one of the underground base

In what way we are going to be benefited from this information? 

You will not get shocked when this information is revealed to the public. Due to the increasing awareness of humanity about this funding process, the government has to stop these things. We need not struggle to earn money, to fund these ssprograms. Many of our fellow humans are separated from their families and used as slaves to build these things. After accomplishing their work these people are being killed to avoid truth revelation. All these merciless killings will be stopped.

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