Sunday, 20 December 2015

What is a belief?


An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. 

An example of belief: 

we need to use our right hand as it is auspicious. If it is so, why GOD created left hand for us?
I believe in OMNIPRESENT GOD [aham brahamasmi]. As he is present in my right hand, he is there in left hand too.
But ALL of us know in our inner that success doesn't depend on  right hand. 

The same with using right leg for first stepping. 




  1. Thank you for enlightening us...🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Mam I'm Manasa
    I strongly believe in this. U knw DAT I'm skillful wid both hands and often my mother insists upon me DAT I have to use my right instead of left. I'm against it because god gifted us with two hands to use them. I am totally against this superstition...
    Manasa Ayyala

    1. yes manasa, I want people to come out of those beliefs

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  4. Great start. Hope everyone in our planet come out from belief system to go inner worlds easily.

  5. If you have one hand, you use that one hand for everything. If you are lucky to have 2 hands, you reserve some actions to be done using one hand and spare the other for other actions.

    I saw mention in Islam to use right hand, also other parts of the world use right hand in place or worship or eating etc ...

    When we wake up it is suggested to roll to the right and wake up, this will reduce the pressure/weight we exert on the heart, which is more to the left in a body.

    Right side of body is solar/positive flows of energy, left side is related to lunar/negative flow of energy.

    I can't say if this is the case in each and every individual but should be in majority of the cases.

    In some cases beliefs are good, we don't need to be compelled so much about following them all the time. At the same time, need to understand the scientific reasons for any beliefs if possible.

  6. Thank you for valuable post. liked very much.

  7. If u believe in omnipresent god and if it is just a belief and not Ur experience, u wouldn't have started this blog because one who knows by experience knows nothing can be proved by logic or using 5 senses but only by experience.

    How to improve experience? It needs openness in ego to allow experiences.Meditation exactly created openness to experiences but it needs certain degree of evolution before one tries to be open with or without meditation. That's why not all will be interested or attempt meditation. But patri sir says by 2095,such bodhisattva's will be born who can be open to become Buddhas without beliefs but by experience. Until then u can keep doing work like me to reach as many bodhisattvas as possible and until u r comfortable teaching,even if others r not open

  8. I think next coming topic is about pollution control from your mobile