Sunday, 20 December 2015

Some other beliefs which need to be cracked

  • When any one sneezes , while you are going out, then something bad happens

Remember its a natural phenomenon and nothing to do with your good or bad

  • When cat or widow comes in your way while you are going out, it brings bad fate 
your fate doesn't depend on others [aham brahmasmi, when everything is god, then is god not there in cat or widow?]


  1. Beliefs form when any bad happens if the belief is not followed. But nowadays bad may happen both when belief is not followed sometimes and sometimes when belief is also followed. Good or bad depending or not depending on beliefs is called Maya. But when only when one is sensible and can see suffering doesn't stop completely even with beliefs, because Maya can change its form will try to find and eradicate the exact cause of suffering even when suffering us there. ie,by removing ones separatedness of Ego by Meditation. Other not so sensible people try to escape suffering temporarily in one way or other.

    According to Golden age, those who are promoted to sensibility will take birth on earth by end of 2095 to search for their enlightenment from suffering completely. Let's hope so and be part of that time. Our guru Patriji is our guide and well wisher of all and so pls keep doing sadhana and be promoted!

  2. If you have sneezed, something bad has already happened :)
    Your heart just skipped a beat due to change of pressure in the chest. No wonder we hear elders blessing us "chiranjeeva", you got to live longer, your heart did not stop beating this time.

    Some interesting tid bits about sneezing from around the world ...

    * Any Greek knows that if he sneezes, somebody thinks about him.
    * Italians think you’re lucky to hear a cat sneezing.
    * Indians think it is unlucky to sneeze odd number of times

    Some fun reading material on sneezing is available in the link

    Superstition about sneezing is a personal opinion, i personally have not found any scientific reasons.

  3. I again agree with u mam...
    People should come out of these beliefs and should think practically..
    Often I hear from my elders these and never agreed with them..
    Thank you mam for enlightening us...
    Manasa Ayyala.

  4. Maybe previously some one fought for the points you raised earlier I think you can change The system

  5. 100% you are correct teacher you can change the system

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  7. Namasthe. I respect our traditions.I follow them as much as possible. I will have shraddah(full faith) pending understanding. But at the same time, I will not fear or feel bad for not following it. Its all bhagawan anugraha only ( good and bad). Getting human birth is the ultimate blessing from bhagawan.

    1. Yes in my opinion u r right because one who knows aham brahmasmi respects everything until a certain belief is Science itself or a product of Maya. Sir I want to know do u believe in a certain bhagwan like satya sai or other? Wish to see Ur reply

    2. There ONLY god in this universe. Nirakara nirguna Brahman. Sat chit Ananda. I see and recognize bhagawan in all living and nin living beings. I am doing sadhana and noticing the difference. Zeroing ego is my sadhana. By bhagawan in everything and every moment... no ego. No onw greater or lesser in anything. Its all our attitude. Dhanyosmi

  8. There is no scientific reason in support of this belief as far as I know. But, unknowingly, we follow this because our elders taught us since our childhood. As long as our elders are alive and we stay with them I feel it is better to follow the belief for the sake of our elders whom we cannot displease and at the same time we are not going to loose any thing in this matter. However, I feel that this belief which has no scientific reason will get cracked in due course, may be 50% by next generation and remaining 50% by next to next generation.