Sunday, 29 July 2018


Concealing of the Light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it.
During 2018, there are 2 total Lunar eclipses and 3 partial Solar eclipse. As on now one partial Solar eclipse is left, which is due on 11th August, 02:41 pm IST [afternoon]. 

What to do? What not to do?

There are many myths that are blindly believed since ages, especially in India. 
  • Watching eclipse (even Lunar eclipse) is dangerous to eye sight. 
  • Eating during the time of eclipse causes illness.
  • Restricting the pregnant women from movement, saying that it results in deformity of the baby.
  • An injury during eclipse takes more time for healing, so don't go out.
  • Taking a bath after the eclipse to wash out the negative energy.
  • Using holy leaves for food items and various objects to keep them safe from eclipse.

According to my understanding, Our ancestors know about the high energy down pours during the eclipse. They utilised this opportunity to grow spiritually and made others [who doesn't have much understanding of eclipse energies] to follow them and grow spiritually with these type of sayings. 

  • Instead of watching eclipse, Sit and Meditate to take the energies. 
  • Don't waste your time by eating, cooking, going out etc., 
  • Pregnant ladies, they are divine beings who act as a channel for another being to come to the Earth. Definitely, they should be downloading more of spiritual energies. So they also have to meditate.
  • To wash out the excess energies that are absorbed/adsorbed by the body during eclipse, bathing is necessary.
Crack the old belief pattern about eclipse.

So I request everyone to use the coming partial Solar eclipse and grow spiritually by participating in KEY TO FREEDOM MEDITATION. Later guided meditation audios will be released here as and when they are ready. 


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