Friday, 2 March 2018


A problem needs solution

People search solution for their problems in different ways. 
  • Some people find temporary solutions. The problem recurs.
  • Some people share their problem and ask others to find solution. 
  • Some times people demand the solution, especially in work areas. 
  • Some people punish/threaten others and think that the problem will not be repeated. They forget that as long as same circumstances exist, the problem recurs. 
  • Some show escapism from the problem as they don't have courage to face the situation. 
  • Some people put blame on others that this problem is due to you and I am no way connected with finding the solution, Its not my responsibility.
  • Some people think that they are burdened with many problems in their life and they fix themselves for temporary solutions. 

This type of thinking will never let any one come out of suffering permanently. Many people don't want to think for permanent solutions as it involves correction at many levels. They satisfy themselves by saying 'ok, we can get on with this solution as on now. we will see later'. All this is due to lack of connection with inner self. 

How to get a permanent solution?

Problem and solution are created at the same period. Focus on solution instead of problem.

Instead of considering the situation as a problem, consider it as a challenge. You will enjoy finding the solution to it. You will discover "NEW YOU".

Any challenge needs deep understanding, identifying the root cause, healing of the cause and healing of the people involved in it. You need inner connection to understand the big picture behind the challenge. The tools of solution are within you. When you use these tools to find the solution, then you will never face same challenge as you mastered the challenge. 
Connection with inner self/Soul brings PERMANENT SOLUTION AUTOMATICALLY. 

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  1. Excellent Message Sri Laxmi garu.
    I am looking more of these from you.
    Thank you very much for Sharing.