Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Most common symptom that we notice among humans, but not with any other living organism. 

I feel forgetfulness is a form of freedom on this 3d Earth. I am not speaking about forgetting these worldly things. What is that we truly forgot? We forgot our connection with God. We feel separation from him/her. 
Break this veil of forgetfulness and remember that you are always connected and a part of Whole/God. 

Teachings on this 3d Earth make us to bury ourselves in this forgetfulness completely. Come out of this forgetfulness with the help of meditation and experience the true essence of life. 
Identify your real nature. You will understand the true purpose of your life when you realise your connection with God. 
You will also understand that all of us are connected to each other and there by suffering from the earth be removed. 

We are not alone in the universe, so as to experience this..................

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  1. It's a true concept, as we see ourselves to be another being of consciousness from the super consciousness, none another than the God. As you are unto God Yourself.