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My main intention through this topic is regarding triple six emoji, used by many in the social media especially WHATS APP

What is a symbol?
A mark or a character used as a conventional representation of any thing. 

Symbols - types

Traffic symbols, mathematical symbols, scientific symbols etc., There are certain symbols that are used for sacred purpose and are called as SACRED SYMBOLS. 

Symbols distorted

Spiritual or sacred symbols are very powerful. Beneath the veneer of social norms, they are being used in a hidden war. World's great spiritual symbols of light have been demonized by cabal. Sometimes they make good seem bad by demonizing and creating negative connotations with good. Sometimes they make bad seem good by glamorizing and glorifying what is bad. And sometimes they hide the bad within the good by working behind and through structures that are good on the surface. 

What do cabal achieve with this distortion?

All of this creates a mass of confusion where people who don't know any better are turned against the knowledge of light and idolize things of darkness. 

Many incidents how cabal uses distorted symbols on humans:

Music industry is best used by cabal for this purpose

All seeing eye - Madonna

Marketing industry

List of illuminati Symbols, signs and meaning

Many more

Triple six:

Six hundred three score and six is the number of the beast as described in revelation 13. The illuminati make frequent use of the numbers as homage to their master, satan.

Intentionally they have introduced this six into emojis also, which many use every day as a symbol for expressing nice/good/super etc, not knowing about its negative impact.  

It is used by various celebrities in public and they knew the dark meaning of it.

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