Friday, 22 April 2016


C for competition
Results everywhere. Some children reached their's or their parents expectations and some others couldn't. Every one says 'this is a competitive world, you have to compete with others, you have to get good marks or rank.' If only one achieves good, then what about others? Is it ok, if others don't get? Do we need to promote such competition? 

How the competition should be? 

C for comparison
Often we compare children with respect to dissimilarities or similarities. Being elders, we don't have standard success rate in our lives. How can we expect from children? I see many children struggling as their parents, society compare them with others. As the stress of comparison increases, success rate decreases. I saw children of a family developing hatred towards each other, as their parents keep on comparing them. All fingers of our hand are not alike. How can we compare one child with other?

What is needed instead of competition and comparison?

C for cooperation
We are here to cooperate with each other for the amelioration of others. Competition and comparison creates struggle. Cooperation gives good feeling. 

Inculcate cooperation qualities in the children. Watch the video to know about the value of cooperation in achieving success. 

Crack the belief that competition brings success.
May the Divine in you cooperate with you to achieve success

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